Thanks Bastards, Part 3: A Damp Day In Gloucester

On Saturday 20th November four of us made the short train journey to Gloucester to support the local anti-cuts march. Once there we linked up with half a dozen members of the Hereford Solidarity League, two anarchists from Stroud and two from Gloucester.

Despite the miserable weather 300 or so marchers assembled at ‘The Park’ around 10am. There were a few speeches before the crowd marched to the Shire building where the Council sits. There was a rally outside the building with various union speakers who were barely audible.

After the rally finished ourselves and others, about 13 in total decided we’d have a little go at Vodafone, and they responded by shutting the shop before we got there. We protested outsides talking to the public and handing out fliers highlighting the relationship between tax evasion of the rich and the spending cuts which hit the poor hardest. The groups split in half and some of us went to protest outside Boots. The manager of the store took particular offence threatening to call the police.

The police turned up outside Boots as did the rest of the group from Vodafone. As one of us in a loud voice explained to passers-by why we were there, the police, at the behest of the store manager threatened the speaker with arrest for breach of the peace. The ridiculous threat was ignored and many people stopped to listen.

We were then informed that a restriction had been placed on the protest and we were now banned from going within 5 metres of Vodafone. On hearing this, we returned to Vodafone and made a line 5 Metres from the stall. After a bit more leaflet distribution and interaction with passers-by we returned to the train station having had another damp day marching against the cuts.


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