Happy Birthday to us – Quarterly Round-up

Well Bristol Anarchist Federation is now one year old, actually that was back in January but who counting?

Quite a lot has changed since our first lack lustre meeting about whether we should do a stall and if so whether we should bake a cake. From that original meeting only two members remain (no wonder), despite that we are now decent sized group with 12 members and more interested in joining.

We were luck enough to maintain our momentum from last year as we came out of the Christmas period and have had a busy first quarter.

We have started (almost) weekly stalls, attended demos against Vodafone’s move to turn off internet in Egypt, Bristol Council’s budget cuts, funding of militarism, legal aid cuts, and further marches and demonstrations in Swindon, Bath & Taunton. Any excuse to get out there and meet new people.

We also had a presence at the Large Bristol Anti Cuts march organised by BADACA and the TUC’s “march for the alternative”.

But it’s not all marching marching marching. Some members along with other comrades put on another workshop on staying safe at demos (keep an eye out for the next one soon). An all day punk gig in Taunton raised us some cash to pay for printing of propaganda. We had a go at our first pamphlet on direct action and your rights at demonstrations, it’s a bit rough round the edges but does the job and is available from out stalls. We also joined the picket lines for the UCU and PCS strikes. On top of that an AF member took part in a panel discussion at the local independent cinema on the cuts.

We have been running (almost) weekly sports club sessions playing football, basketball and other sports. We have met some great new people and prospective members through it and hope to keep it going as the weather improves in the next couple of months.

We feel this quarter has been a good one for Afed, but we are conscious of becoming too focused on Anti cuts issues, of course this is the big fight of the moment but we don’t want to see other struggles fall by the wayside.

See you on the streets,
Bristol Anarchist Federation

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