Beyond Borders

In case you haven’t heard Bristol No Borders are hosting some speakers from around the country for a day of talks and discussions around the ideas of free movement and the resistance of migrant workers to the conditions imposed on them by the capitalist system.

We urge everyone to attend, as these ideas are increasingly relevent and integral to our stuggles. As the state has made cuts to services it has hit migrants first and hardest, to the state(and far right) they are seen as a useful scape goat and a vulnerable testing ground for ideas they wish to push on to all of us (eg ID cards). The bosses pushing down pay and conditions will turn towards their treatment of staff ‘without papers’ as a blueprint, and use their very existance to devide the workforce. It is essential we, and our class as a whole, see past these attempts to split us and stand in solidarity against our ‘leaders’ and bosses.

Clara Osagied has been fighting tirelessly for the rights of migrant cleaners as a volunteer with the RMT. This is despite working five nights a week as a cleaner on the underground herself. Her talk on migrant workers struggle shouldn’t be missed by anyone with an intrest in workplace organising and union action. The other guests are Ann Singleton from state watch and Bridget Anderson from oxford universities Justice For Domestic Migrant Workers Campaign. There will also be plenty of time for discussion, plans, schemes and new ideas. Plus there will be food and almost certainly cake.

Hope to see you there, easton community centre 21st May (This Saturday!) 11:30 – 17:30.

(Also don’t forget its kilnaboy, spanner, anarchofolko, half boy half nachos, Dj Olifka and miss fit playing at the plough afterwards in aid of no borders).

Timetable & More info here


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