November 30th Strikes, Occupations, Actions!

In the UK (and across the globe) we are seeing through government lies that cuts to our services, pay, benefits, and pensions are necessary (you know, to help out the bankers & capitalists so they don’t have to take a see a drop in their living standards). We’re also organising; Wednesday is set to be the largest strike in ‘a generation’. The strike will be strengthened and supported by a host of other actions that everyone can be a part of, and should be a part of, because the outcome of the battle against the government will affect all of us.

Heres our rundown of what you can get up to on the day:

  • Strike  If you’re in a workplace where your coworkers are unionised and striking, even if you’re not in the union you can still strike(see last paragraph). You’ll have the same protections against being penalised as unionsed workers. Don’t cross those picket lines!
  • Picket Talking of picket lines, make sure you’re on one! Extra support on picketlines is always warmly received, and class solidarity is one of our most important tools when fighting against the state. Pickets will be outside most government, council and educational buildings from around 7.30am.
  • March  Starting at 11am on college green a mass demonstration will march through Bristol to castle park, it looks set to be the biggest since the start of the Iraq war and one of the most lively and enthusiastic ones we’ve had in a long time.
  • Uncut!  A group calling itself  ‘Santa Uncut’ has promised to deliver coal to all the ‘naughty’ corporations in the centre of Birstol and has invited everyone who wants to do more than just march to keep their eyes peeled and get invovled.
  • Occupy Your University/College to show support for striking lecturers and demonstrate their opposition to the cuts universities accross the country have been going into occupation. If yours is get down there and support it, if not get down there and occupy it!  The UWE occupation is now under way at St Matts campus.
  • Occupy Bristol After their recent bank occupations there are  rumours that occupy Bristol will be get involved and up the ante on the 30th.
  • Have a Break With the early start and hectic day, you may want to take up Hydra Books on their offer of a complimentary cup of coffee for every striker (scabs not welcome).

If none of the above has inspired you yet, then take a look at this on youtube (contains lots of swearing), and remember even if you’re stuck at home messages of support are welcomed!

Solidairty Forever,

Bristol Afed



  1. isradtastic

    Hi, I’m new here and glad to have found you!
    This is a great post made unsharable by bad spelling. Can you guys possibly edit it for improved credibility?
    Unity and strength. x


    • Bristol Anarchist Federation

      Hi, glad we’ve been found! Drop us an email if you want to get involved or find out more, hopefully see you on the streets on the 30th!

      Spelling is not always our strong point (and our proof readers haven’t looked at this one yet), still I’ve checked through it and corrected some glaring mistakes. Although we’d hope most people would look past the spelling mistakes to the content, thanks for pointing it out anyway.


  2. maryA

    I’m a teacher and hoping to come down to college green and march with my two young children (aged 3 and 1)tomorrow – but I’m a little worried that things may have the potential to get a little out of hand. Have been having a look around on forums etc. to try and get a sense of what the atmosphere will be. I care passionately about the issues but obviously the safety of my children is my priority. What are your thoughts on how it might go?


    • Bristol Anarchist Federation

      We assume it will be simaler to the last large strike support march in Bristol (June this year), which was a large march (4000 people) with a passionate but safe atmostphere. There were no arrests, things were peaceful throughout and there was a relatively minimal police presence.

      Obviously there are never any guarantee’s, but we haven’t heard of anyone planning to incite any violence at all. Hopefully the police have learnt from earlier marches (last year they pointlessly wrestled with a group of younger marchers over a banner) that things work out better for all concerned when they are peaceful aswell! Even if they don’t, I guess us ‘anarchist types’ act as a sort of cannon fodder, they’ll always come for us rather than a teachers union block, so you should be safe either way.


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