Protest, Action & Smart Phones

In the past two decades activists have embraced many new technologies, using websites, message boards and mobile phones to spread their messages, keep in touch and even launch virtual attacks.  This has led to something of an ‘arms race’ with nation states, which are constantly trying to reign in the freedom and anonymity these technologies can offer via both legislation and surveillance technology.

Recently smart phones have been used at many actions by some of those able to afford them (the ‘100% off summer sales’ may have been a help here).  They are valuable and versatile tools allowing users to photograph, film, tweet, message and update interactive real-time maps, but they are also a vulnerability mapping your location and even recording everything you do.

It is timely then that a friend of Bristol Afed has produced this guide to utilising them as safely as possible. We strongly recommend anyone with or wanting a smart phone checks it out. All technology carries risks, but used carefully the benefits can far outweigh them.




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