Day of Action Against Workfare, List of Targets

Saturday the 3rd is a national day of action against workfare, called by boycottworkfare and started by Liverpool uncut. In Bristol a demonstration has been called for 1pm outside BHS (where the giant  wheel is). So come on down for some picketing, music, noise and general chaos.

In the past two weeks loads of companies have dropped their involvement in workfare (Maplins, Sainsburys, TK Maxx), and some others have attempted to give the impression they have without doing so (poundland, boots). It all gets pretty confusing, and we couldn’t find  an up to date list anywhere, so we made one. Specifically for Bristol.

List of companies still part of workfare, and their locations in Bristol:

Central Bristol

  • a4e – orchard street business centre (behind hippodrome)
  • Age Concern -across bristol bridge on victoria st.
  • Greggs the bakers – horsefair, union st, castle park
  • Holiday Inn  – bear pit, templemeads.
  • Holland & Barrett – nelson st, cabot circus.
  • McDonalds – horsefair, fairfax st
  • Primark – hay market
  • Royal Mail – Post Office in galleries
  • Salvation Army – Ashley Road
  • Savers – galleries
  • WHSmith – galleries, templemeads
  • Wilkinsons – union street

Other Bristol:

  • ASDA – Bedminster, Eastville etc
  • Barnardos -numerous stores outside the centre, redfield etc
  • Bookers Wholesale – whiteield road speedwell
  • British Heart Foundation – bedminster, whiteladies road.
  • Cancer Research UK – gloucster road, fishponds
  • CWU – church rd
  • PDSA – Bathroad, Whiteladies road, East street
  • Poundland (pulled out of one scheme not the other, sneaky) – east street.
  • Poundstretcher – fishponds, bedminster
  • The Range – Hartcliff & Avonmeads
  • Scout Enterprises – Bishoproad BS7
  • Wilkinsons – kingswood, broadwalk, east st market.

Places thinking about stopping, or pretending too:

  • POUNDLAND – have pulled out of one workfare scheme, but remain in another!
  • TESCO – Still involved, running a seperate scheme where jobseekers will be offered paid work, but, still taking some people via existing schemes for no pay.
  • PIZZA HUT, Boots,  HMV – won’t arrange workfare centrally, but are happy for local shops to do it!
  • Super Drug – wont take on anyone new (keeping people alredy there). will restart if he scheme is voluntary and there are no possible sancations (ie loss of benefits).
  • argos – suspended involvement pending a decision/government talks
  • matalan – suspended involvement pending a decision/government talks
  • scope  – suspended involvement pending a decision/government talks

This information has all been double or triple checked, and is up to date as of today, 2nd of march. After tomorrows demonstrations across the UK we expect the list to become smaller.

See you on the streets!

-Bristol Anarchist Federation


  1. BristleKRS

    Scout Enterprises have been embroiled in this sort of thing for years – they were unrepentantly balls-deep in the Major government’s Project Work. Ditto several of the charity shops around Bristol (to varying degrees).


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