Solidarity with Animal Rights Gathering

As many of you will know a gathering of animal rights activists took place in Bristol at the weekend. Those present faced police harassment and repression throughout the 3 days. This included evidence gatherers filming through the windows, over a dozen officers damaging and stealing (sorry ‘seizing’) a mini bus, half a dozen arrests at a protest, a house being raided, and a meeting at a community centre being surrounded by at least 25 police (including a dog unit and a firearms officer).

Bristol Anarchist Federation wishes to express our solidarity with all the activists involved with, and present at, the animal rights gathering. We also tip our metaphorical hats to you; if you attract that kind of attention from the state you must be doing something right.

This repression can only push those on the receiving end of it closer together, and through this solidarity we can fight even harder against the systems of domination that surround us. So, to those that sought to oppress people at the AR (&workfare) demos in Bristol this weekend  THANKS (because mischief brew say it so eloquently).

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