Demo to defend NHS workers pay and conditions

The upcoming demo looks set to be many times larger than this already sizeable one back in may

spurred on by the condem government the management of NHS trusts across the south-west have spent £200,000 forming the Orwellian sounding ‘South West Pay Terms and Conditions Consortium’. with the sole aim of lowering pay and conditions for NHS staff.   This could be yet another blow to our NHS services already battered by cuts and privatisation, attacks on the staff will always negatively impact on the services they provide.

So far staff have been kept completely out of the loop, they haven’t been told who will be affected or in what ways, but many fear the management will attempt to split the workforce by targeting small groups one at a time.  However they plan on standing together and after some packed meetings (with 100s present at each) have called for a demonstration in Bristol to show their strength.

We encourage anyone who wants to stand up to the state, fight austerity and protect the NHS to march in solidarity with them. We’ll be there, hope to see you on the streets!

Saturday 1st of December 11am

College Green  marching to castle park (rally at 12.30).

Facebook Event

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