UkUncut Action In Bristol Closes Starbucks

Today members of Bristol AFED, along with other anarchists, feminists, socialists and miscellaneous angry rebels shut down the central broadmead branch of Starbucks for the whole afternoon, before regrouping and doing the same thing in Park Street. The response we got from passers by was overwhelmingly positive with many people joining in (40 at the peak of the two hour demo).

picture of todays action by @ClaireViva

picture of todays action by @ClaireViva

Starbucks were targeted due to their tax evasion and their refusal to pay staff a decent wage or treat them with respect. Both of these things are symptoms of the class struggle, the rich corporations hoard their money whilst the workers&poor have to deal with lower wages, slashed benefits and cut services.  Today was about organising across the country (UK uncut reports over 40 actions nationwide) to resist this increasing inequality.

We strive to live in a world free of states aswell as capitalist organisations such as Starbucks. However we recognise that untill we all collectively control our own communities and workplaces together that we need to struggle to meet our needs as part of the working class. This at times includes fighting to keep state-run services operating when it is in our collective interests. the working class and anarchists don’t benefit from having wealth taken away from essential services to be hoarded by capitalists!

We hope these fights, and instances of resistance like the UK Uncut action today, will strengthen our sense of solidarity with each other and increase our antagonism toward the state and capital.

Bristol Starbucks: Closed by crowd of protesters!

Bristol Starbucks: Closed by crowd of protesters!

If you want to get involved in future street demos drop us an email  and keep an eye on bristol indymedia as ourselves and other groups have plans for more in the near future!


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