Why Socialists Should Care About Anarchism

cropped-hybrid-backgroundA really interesting read via ‘Spread the Infestation’ : why socialists should care about anarchism.

There is also for balance, awhy anarchists should care about bolshevism’ article on the same blog. Although as part of the class struggle anarchist current (which has always been the most prominent, especially outside of america), we would refute some of the points it makes. Anarchists do have a revolutionary strategy, and do believe some ideas are better than others.

The Anarchist Federation has a clear (but adaptable and evolving) revolutionary strategy, which we trace back to the revolutionary strategies of other anarchist communists, anarcho-syndicalists, council communists and situationists. It doesn’t matter if you even know what all those words mean, the point is Anarchism evaluates the past, and tests ideas in the here now. Creating an evolving combination of ideas that fit in with our core beliefs (against hierarchy, for a free and equal society).

We are opposed to the leadership of individuals exerting power over others, of the hierarchies that can develop in formal vanguardist strategies leading to a disconnect between ‘the revolutionaries’ and ‘everyone else’. We are not opposed to a leadership of ideas.

That said we may be taking it too personally, after all these points apply to some anarchists, just not all (or not many). The same is true of the other article, many of points won’t apply to many socialists, but they will apply to some. We have to remember to learn from each other even when we don’t agree especially when we don’t agree.

Anarchists should care about Bolshevism and Marxism  and take the time to read about or discuss the ideas. We should also learn about Capitalism, about feudalism, about primitivism. Whilst Anarchism should be a living breathing movement and not a labourious homework assignment, it is important that we learn from a whole range of human ideas, experience and understanding. Becoming stuck in an unchanging dogma is the least anarchist thing we could do.

For more on AFeds revolutionary strategy check out the UK Anarchist Federation Positions section of our resources page



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