To the streets for May Day 2013

Update: Facebook Event

This year Bristol Trades Council is pulling out all the stops and attempting to throw their biggest May Day March in years.  Whilst they may not have said it themselves, we’d like to think the effort of everyone who got involved with the 1st of May Group last year and the success of our demos, actions, and saturday march is what inspired them!

We have a lot of respect for trade unions, their members have been at the forefront of many working class struggles for almost as long as their has been a working class.  Despite the repression of the 1970s unions still hold a lot of potential for helping to organise mass action.

However far too often they are held back by the bureaucrats at the top who have lost touch with the rank and file militants pushing for more action. Mainstream unions can find themselves caught up in red tape they are unwilling to risk pushing through, and are often unable to move their focus beyond their narrow memberships.  If we are to make a difference and show our collective strength on May Day (and beyond) we need more than just our unions on the streets, so we’re putting out the following call to join them on May the Fourth:

To the Streets for May Day !
May Day  has been celebrated as international workers day since 1890, it is a time to remember our collective history, and those that fought and died of to win us the 8 hour day, safety at work, and much else that it’s all to easy to take for granted. It is also a time to reignite and unite the present struggles for a better world.

For May Day 2013, Unions in Bristol are calling for a March Against Austerity. We are calling for a Radical Block to march with them, so come and join us on the streets if you are;

Mad – at the government which continues to attack societies most vulnerable for the benefit of no one other than themselves (and their rich mates).
Angry – that the costs of living are going up and your boss won’t pay you more.
Frustrated – that your working conditions are being destroyed and the bureaucrats at the top of your union don’t seem up for the fight your fellow workers are ready for.
Worried – that if we don’t do something soon there will be no NHS or decent education left for your children.
Bored – with the latest lies from the politicians and press you’re expected to believe.
Inspired – by the courage of those that have gone before us, who have fought against exploitation, and won us all victories which last to his day.
Optimisticabout creating a society that can meet all our needs and seek an end to; sexism, racism, transphobia, ableism, ageism, homophobia, and the many other oppressive and destructive ways in which we are divided.

So grab your red flag, your black flag, your pirate flag or no flag at all and get together at 11am, Saturday the 4th of May on College Green to take to the streets of Bristol, and rekindle the spirit of resistance!

Some of Bristol First of May Group

Leave a comment if you want to know more or get involved!

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