Afternoon Tea – Come See The Sort Of Flat The Council Wants People To Live In

Gordons doctor is adament he should leave the house for health reasons

Gordons doctor is adament he should leave the house for health reasons

A friend of some Bristol AFed members is currently living in a flat that two enviromental health inspections have insisted needs urgent work done, that his doctor has said he needs to move out of for health reasons (which have already possibly cost him his eye), and which is infested with rats, mice, mold, exposed wiring and a collapsed ceiling.

He has withheld rent (kept with a third party) untill his Landlord makes the flat habbitable. His landlords repsonse has been to threaten illegal eviction, attempt to cut of his electricity and now finally to take him to court.

Meanwhile the Bristol City Council private housing team are refusing to help, because despite all of the above they believe Gordon is making himself ‘intentionally homeless’.

So come see the sort of house private landlords want to charge you for, and Bristol city council insists people like Gordon (who has several severe long term health problems) should live in.

There will be tea, coffee, letters of support to sign (we’re going to dump them on the desk of the responsibile councilers and hand them to the landlord) and a chance to network with people who want to fight for change in this rediculous housing system.

Google Map:
When: 2pm-4.30pm THIS SUNDAY 26th May
Where: 16 Church Road – Flat above the bakery near lawrence hill 2minutes from Lawrence Hill station,
5 minute walk from the cycle path (going past city academy).

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