Struggle and oppression in Turkey

‘ The onslaught of government forces on non-violentTurkish Anarchists
protests has triggered a dilemma amongst those demonstrating. When faced with violence, how is one to respond and protect the movement? Is pacifism responsible, or even ethical in the face of brute force, injury and death?

 Turkish anarchist group, Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet/Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF), provided further insight into the dimensions of this emerging struggle:

Social solidarity and mutual support in protest and clash areas are very high. In every city where clashes are streaming, people have opened their homes to protesters and wounded persons. Many people have put first aid kits and food to their front yards for the protesters. Voluteer medical teams have self organized very well […]

Read the full article: Struggle and oppression in Turkey Via Cyber Anarchia


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