Taking a stand against Police Harassment

No Justice, No Peace, Erase the Police with your giant novelty stationary

No Justice, No Peace, Erase the Police with your giant novelty stationary

In recent months Avon and Somerset Police have drastically increased their attempts to harass and intimidate local activists. Using the excuse of a recent arson attack to launch a campaign against people they know had no involvement. This is part of a growing trend across the UK to clamp down on dissent and resistance.  In the South West activists have been questioned without rights under anti-terror laws, harassed over the phone, followed round their own uni campuses, been visited at home and had friends/family/employers contacted by the police.

Its time we took a stand, in the streets, and showed that we are in solidarity with each other and will not be intimidated into silence. It is a time we can remember ALL those who have been on the receiving end of police harassment and violence.

Join us for a candle lit demonstration outside Trinity Road Police Station.

Location:  Newton Park, Old Market > Trinity Police Station (MAP)
Time: 18:30 sharp.
Date: Friday 13th of December
Facebook: Event*

We will have banners, placards and candle lanterns, but you are free (and encouraged) to bring your own.

Anyone who has experienced police harassment, or wants to take a stand against state intimidation is welcome to attend. Whilst historically police have taken a ‘hands off’ approach to peaceful anti-police demos we can never be sure how they will react, so we recommend you read up on your rights before the demonstration. We will also ensure ‘bust cards’ are distributed on the day.

See you all on 1312 ,
Love & Rage,
Bristol AFed

*Facebook: useful for getting the word out, we’ll leave it up to you if you want to ‘attend’ this demo on there though.


  1. Peter Bulletproofvests Nunn

    I know police harassment very well, having been targeted earlier this year. Basically the police do not act within the law, but based on conspiracy theories and vague misplaced suspicions. Its about time the police upheld the law, not corrupted it, and started working for citizens, not targets. Sometimes one feels like we are all meat to them. Catch me on Twitter @sirpeternunn


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