Solidarity with Michael Brown – Demonstration This Saturday (23rd)

Against Police Repression, Against Institutional Racism, Solidarity with Ferguson Missouri!

10628157_10153035388281102_1757015198469058429_n On August 9th an unarmed teenager was shot six times and murderd by a police officer, once again bringing in to stark relief the danger police pose to the public and the indemic racism of police forces across the western world.

The respsonse of the authorities was swift and harsh. Hundreds of police have swarmed the majority black community, assualting residents, mass arresting peaceful demonstratos, forcing journalists and Amnesty International human rights observers out, and raiding homes door to door. 


‘Occupied Cardiff’

This incident is not isolated – nor is it limited to the United States. nearly 1,500 people have died in the UK since 1990 either in police custody or after ‘contact’ with the police. The institutions of ‘justice’ do little their utmost to protect the police rather than the citizens whos rights they are supposed to uphold.

If the martial law currently imposed on Ferguson seems like something that would never happen in this country you only have to look at South Wales where preperations for the NATO summit have seen ‘rings of steel’ in and around the local towns and 1000s of armed police poised to swamp the area – all so some poliicians can continue to plan violence across the world. Meanwhile Police on our streets are starting to be routinely armed.

Police Shooting Missouri

Everywhere the police are becoming an increasingly militarised force

Throughout our countries history and right up to the present day Black people, LGBT communities, migrants, activists and youth in areas of poverty have born the burnt of police oppression.

In times of repression though there is also the potential for great solidarity, as shown by people in Gaza offering their advice and support to the people of Ferguson. Lets stand together and stand with the people of Ferguson Missouri.

No Justice, No Peace.

Time: 12:30 Saturday 23rd
Location:  Fountains, City centre (map)
Bring: Friends, comrades, flags, placards,
Facebook event

Followed by an action called by Bristol Palestine Solidarity,
2.00 – 4.00pm meet outside Tesco Metro,
90 Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3DW

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