Urgent call for solidarity with Turkish Anarchists aiding Kurds at the border with Kobanê

Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (Revolutionary Anarchist Action) near Kobanê

Kurdish resistance fighters, including many who speak of their commitment to an anarchist inspired social revolution, continue to battle repressive Daesh (ISIS/IS) forces around Kobanê. The optimistic would imagine that the role of the neighbouring Turkish state (a member of the US led coalition against Daesh) would involve opening its nearby border to feeling civilians, aiding those refugees who have already crossed, providing humanitarian assistance to the besieged town, or even actively supporting the resistance.  The reality could not be more different.

Turkish state forces have attempted to seal off the border to both those fleeing out of Kobanê and those attempting to bring aid and supplies in to the town (suspiciously those arming Daesh forces have been slipping through relatively un-harrassed), The Turkish army have also attacked Kurdish refugees and other civilians close to the border with tear gas and, according to recent reports, live ammunition. Potentially wrecking the Turkish/Kurdish peace process which has led to years of relative peace between the two.

In response, anarchists from the Turkish organisation, Revolutionary Anarchist Action ( DAF) have joined the efforts to keep the border open to civilians, whilst guarding the area against Daesh forces moving through. They have also been helping to defend the Kurdish villages and refugee camps from attacks by the Turkish state, and move much needed supplies into the area.

The CRIFA (meeting of the International of Anarchist Federations) has spoken with DAF representatives and is collecting donations to support their initiatives, after putting out this statement. You can join Bristol AFed and others by sending donations to their account:

Send your donations to SEL  IBAN : FR76 1027 8085 9000 0205 7210 175 (mention DAF). Some banks charge extortionate rates for international transfers, if you are having trouble with this (or any other aspect of transferring funds) but would like to donate get in touch and we’ll arrange something with you.

We would set up an easier to use fundraising page, but Denver ABC had both their GoFundMe and YouCaring fundraisers for DAF shut down without explanation!

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