Resistance: Angry Women Win

Reclaim The Night march oraganised by Bristol Unis Liberation Officer, Womens OFficer and FemSoc.

Reclaim The Night march organised by Bristol Unis Liberation Officer, Womens OFficer and FemSoc.

Issue 157 of Resistance, the paper of the UK Anarchist Federation is now available to download as a PDF.   This issue focuses on struggles against gender oppression; including sexual harassment at work, the fight for abortion in Ireland, a look back at the free women of Spain (mujeres libres), women in factory resistance in China, the voices of women & LGBTQIA in Ukraine, and the Angry Women of Liverpool!

We handed out about a hundred copies on the recent welcome return of the Reclaim The Night march in Bristol, which whilst we’re on the subject was fantastic. Great for us to march alongside so many enthusiastic people in the streets about such important issues as fighting against intimate partner violence and street harassment. Yet as several placards pointed out its sad to still have to protest this shit in 2014.  All of the speakers from Bristol University and beyond were excellent, we look forward to fighting patriarchy with many of the people we met on the night.  If you missed out on a physical copy then and would like to get your hands on one they are available from Kebele and Hydra Books.

Click to read as PDF

Click to read as PDF

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