Santa Bloc : Spreading Anti-Capitalist Seasonal Cheer

On Saturday 13th of December, a group of spirited anarchists and other rebellious pixies, donned Christmas hats and Santa beards. Armed with several hundred leaflets, several dozen mince pies, and a handful of song sheets we set out to inject a bit of anti capitalist rebellion into the heart of the consumer season!

We’d decided that companies exploiting people via the governments ‘workfare’ forced labour schemes were particularly worthy of our scorn at this time of year. We set about demonstrating and partying outside and, despite the protests of a tag along PCSO, inside a number of serial offenders.

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Poundland, Marks and Spencer, Primark, Savers, and TK Maxx were all visited by our tone-deaf choir. Seriously, if our singing doesn’t get them to think twice about using workfare we’re not sure what will!

As always on workfare demonstrations the response from the people we spoke to was excellent, it doesn’t take much reasearch to realise what an awful idea workfare is. Luckily we know from experience its a target we can win battles against.  We’ll keep piling on the pressure until the whole scheme collapses.

It was an uplifting experience to be out on the streets with our friends from SolFed, the IWW, and others, to get such a warm reception on a cold day and to scoff a bunch of mince pies!

If you want to find out more, check out our Workfare FAQ, the boycott workfare site and our Leaflet from the day (which had the FAQ on the back).

If you want to liven up some carol singing, you could do worse than by starting with our new 2014 edition anticapitalist christmas carols! Featuring such classics as ‘On the First Fay of Christmas the Tories Stole From Me’, ‘Cleggy the Long Nosed Liar’ and ‘Fight the Cuts with Burning Volleys’.

Pictures courtesy of Red Orbital.




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