An Anarchist Guide To Voting

Or, how to have a stress free polling day AND change the world.

Step 1:
Get your polling card and all the party political propaganda that has been given to you.

1Step 2:
And a lighter

2Step 3:
Use your ballot paper!

2bStep 4:
Fire almost always improves politics
3Step 5:
Be careful, the fumes from this much concentrated bullshit can be quite noxious
3bStep 6:
Smile, and think of all the other fun things you can do with fire!
4Step 7:
Remember you don’t need your polling card to vote, so you can go spoil your ballot anyway.

bollocksStep 8:
This is the important one. This is where we try to change society. Organise and Resist.
Whoever comes out top in the polls the state will still be the state. It will be screwing over the poor, the vulnerable, the workers, all in the interests of the rich elite and the capitalist system they profit from. It is our actions over the next five years that will determine how much they take from us – or how much we take back.

Communicate – Talk to your friends, neighbors and colleges. Find what things are really screwing their lives up (hint; it’s generally their boss, their landlord, or the state).

Research – Is anyone in your work place or community already fighting back? Do you have a local AFed, SolFed or IWW group?

Organise – Change doesn’t happen by itself, get together, make a plan, make a super secret back up plan.

Resist – Protest, occupy, blockade, strike, fight back. Make the people in power scared of what we might do – its the only thing that ever convinces them to hand us real changes. Aim for revolution and pick up the reforms that are thrown from the sinking ship of capitalism on the way.

Learn/Educate – Learning isn’t for school its for life. Learn from discussion, learn from trying out new ways or organising, learn from the fights you win, and the ones you lose, learn from reading, learn from watching, learn from history.

Repeat – until capitalism falls.

pusheen cat anarchoStep 9 (Optional):
Leave a comment complaining about how many sub-steps step 8 has.

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