Discussion: Where next for the anti cuts movement?


Our discussion on anarchists and the future of the anti cuts movement will take place 7pm Tuesday 17th of November at Hydra books




We recommend reading the following two articles, although its not required! Anyone looking to fight the cuts or learn more is welcome, whether or not you consider yourself an Anarchist.

Poking a Future Monarch with a Stick
A critical analysis of the anti-cuts movements against the ConDem coalition written by a Bristol AFed member.

A Storm is Coming
An article from one of our friends in SolFed about why the anti-cuts movement is about to kick off again

As a group we regularly host talks from touring speakers (Comrades from Belarus, Catalonia, Cuba and Czech Republic this year!) Recently we have also started hosting regular open discussion meetings.

They take place at 7pm on the third Tuesday of every month in Hydra Books. They will generally follow the format of an interactive workshop or short talk, followed by an open discussion. With drinks/snacks and a break to keep us all going ’till about 9pm.

Our first discussion ‘Introduction to Anarchist Communism’ went really well, with loads of interesting contributions from the 23 folks who attended. We’ve got a few extra copies of the new pamphlet so let us know if you want one!

The next discussion on Tuesday the 17th November will focus on the fight against austerity. Anarchists, including Bristol AFed, threw themselves into the struggle against cuts after the election of the Tory/LibDem coalition in 2010. We joined literally millions of others on strikes, protests, occupations, and direct actions, but after 2012 it all got a bit… quieter, and the cuts continued.

That’s changing this year though, but how can we make sure this new wave of anti-cuts action is more successful? What can we learn from the past five years? What contributions can Anarchists make to the struggle (and what contributions SHOULD we make)?

Here’s a Facebook Event for the discussion (in case you’re into that sort of thing).


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