Bristol Police’s consent failure – and an alternative

front of leaflet

A failure to understand consent and rape culture is nothing new when it comes to police forces around the world. Even by these less than stellar standards handing out a pamphlet entitled ‘R U asking 4 it’ marks a low point. Especially when you consider the recipients were a group of Bristol teenagers attending an educational session on consent.

This was apparently the result of a ‘blunder’ on the part of the police, but it is telling none of the professionals handing the leaflets out realised anything was wrong. It was up to the teenagers present to point out how fucked up it was. Maybe the police should have been the ones receiving an education on the subject.

There are some basics that are really not that complicated. A few years ago one of our members wrote a straightforward introductory leaflet on consent. Bristol AFed and other feminist groups have been distributing it since.

Click here to download the PDF,its formatted for printing on A4, so you’ll have to scroll to page 2 to see the second half of the leaflet.

Feel free to share it, print it, edit it, improve it or add your own groups contact info!


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