The Case For No Borders (Discussion Night)

no borders event picture

When: 7pm Tuesday 20th September
At: Hydra Books, Old Market
Cost: Free/Donation
Alt Bristol  &  Facebook

After a break for August our monthly discussion nights are back with A Case for No Borders! Whatever your opinion on it migration is an emotive topic. However the cry ‘No Borders!’ is not just an emotive response, it has long been the political stance of many working class organisations. A simple phrase that some believe would cause the collapse of civilization and others view as the only rational and humane choice in a world where the rich, their money and thier bombs already cross borders with impunity.

We will lay out the case for No Borders not as an act of charity benefiting just those outside our country, but as a blow against the bosses and capitalists so intent on keeping us divided. An essential part of our struggle for freedom in a society where the governments of the world want to tell us where we have to live and where we can’t go.

There will be a talk/presentation and a couple of short films followed by a break and room for discussion on No Borders in theory and in practice.

As always this event is free to attend, but donations to help cover room hire are appreciated. Hot & Cold drinks & snacks will be available from the Hydra counter to keep you going. We’ll also have some anarchist pamphlets, papers, magazines and stickers some for free/donation and others for a few quid. Keep an eye out for future events, our discussion nights are every third Tuesday of the month, 7pm at Hydra Books.

Please remember that whilst we encourage debate of ideas, we do not tolerate attacks on individuals; especially in a way that uses oppressive or threatening behavior. We fully support and will implement the safer spaces policy of the venue, which you can read here



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