Anarchy in Bath this Weekend


Bath demo

Bath Anarchists at a Bedroom Tax demo outside the Guildhall, March 2013

Calling anyone in Bath who is an Anarchist, thinks they might be, or is just Anarcho-Curious. Join the Anarchist Federation and friends on Saturday the 8th of April  re-ignite anarchism in Bath! We’ll be having a freeshop in the centre, followed by a meeting to share schemes and ideas (Facebook event).

Bath, perhaps surprisingly for such an outwardly gentile city, has a solid history of anarchist organisation going at least back to 1925, when prominent anarchist Emma Goldman gave a talk in Bath (and she was known to frequent Bath and Bristol often, for a time). In the 90s it was the nearby Solsbury Hill protest camp that was the centre of attention. Tree top protestors experimented with alternative ways of living as they battled police, bailiffs and private security.

Despite the toll that Solsbury Hill took on many people, it remained an inspiration and soon after new projects and campaigns were built up. In the mid 2000s they coalesced around the Bath Activist Network, which included everything from animal rights and ecological defence to anti-war and working class solidarity. The protests, stunts, and direct actions were often chronicled in Bath’s irreverent class struggle/anarchist paper ‘The Bath Bomb’, which published 39 issues between 2007 and 2011. There was even a campaign in 2010 to protect Bathampton Meadows from a park&ride scheme – some things never change!

In recent years, anarchists have remained active in various campaigns across Bath. Active in workplace unions, student protests, in the animal rights movement, in the Anti-Cuts group (which they co-founded) and in almost any campaign that takes place. Despite this we’ve lacked an organised group, or even regular socials to keep us in touch. As a result many anarchists, especially those new to the politics or new to the city, can find themselves feeling relatively powerless and isolated. Whereas even those that have been active for a while can struggle to find an outlet for the radical and creative ideas that are at the heart of anarchist struggle.

On the day we plan to spend  3pm – 5pm having an info-stall/freeshop near the Junction of Stall St and Bath St (look for the red & black flags!). We’ll then head off for a social/meeting starting at 5.30pm. We have a venue sorted for the latter, but it’s private so either message us for the location or meet us at the stall and walk with us.

Depending on how things go we plan to get together some sort of group for; mutual support, anarchist discussion, creative direct action, making/distributing propaganda, critiquing and developing existing campaigns from an anarchist perspective and calling our own demos! (One step at a time though). We hope to work with activists old and new, and do everything from organising in entire communities in the often neglected working class areas, to planning the sort of actions that a small affinity group can manage by themselves.

Get in touch for more details, either on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing

This post was originally published on the Protestival website.



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