Capitalism: A Survival Guide

capitalism a survial guide 2 colourEven the most passionate of revolutionaries is forced to admit that, for the moment, capitalism rules the world. While we fight tooth and nail for a truly free society, we’ve still got to survive this one in the mean time. After all, we can’t kill capitalism if it kills us first!

To this end we are hosting a series of workshops that aim to arm us all with the skills and knowledge we need to not only ‘scrape by’ but begin to organise, thrive and fight back. Each one will focus on a different aspect of capitalist society, from dealing with debt or fighting through the bureaucracy of disability benefits to being your own media and discovering if there really is such a thing as a free lunch.

The survival guide workshops will take the place of our usual monthly discussion nights that have been running for the past 16 months. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about these. They’ve helped inform concrete actions, introduced new people to anarchism and furthered debates within activism on issues ranging from violence to ecology.  However we are always looking for ways to be more useful and effective in our activity, and there certainly seems to be a need (even amongst seasoned radicals) to cover fundamental sections of knowledge,

We welcome suggestions for topics for workshops, and there will be time at each workshop to share ideas and discuss the tactics we go over. In addition we’ll be actively encouraging other individuals and groups to work with us on areas which they have expertise in – be it workplace organising, anti-racism or fighting patriarchy.  Each one will provide tips for individual struggle, ideas to join together and fight collectively and discussion on how each aspect fits in with the wider class struggle.

Here is our initial plan for upcoming workshops in our survival guide, follow our blog & facebook to stay up to date.  As with our discussion nights the workshops will take place at 7pm on the third Tuesday of the month. Most will continue to take place at Hydra Books, but we may move some for reasons of space or accessibility.

18th April Introduction to Online Security
Facebook Event
Almost every aspect of our lives is posted somewhere on the internet. Corporations and other criminals vie for our personal data, and equipped with the snoopers charter the state looks to scrutanise a terrifying amount of our online lives.
Here we’ll go over some of the threats and ways in which we can recognise thse threats, defend ourselves from them and fight for a free internet.

16th May Surviving Disability Benefits
Facebook Event
Over the past seven years the government has practically declared war on those with disabilities and long term illnesses.  Surviving on Employment Support Allowance (ESA) means navigating an intentionally brutal bureaucracy and making it through the dreaded Work Capability Assessments.  These systems are literally deadly, with thousands of people dead or with their lives and health in tatters.
We’ll share knowledge and tips essential to anyone forced onto ESA, and look at ways we can join together to confront the system head on.

20th June Fighting in the Workplace
Our work places, and our bosses, often make our lives hell. Shit wages, unpredictable hours, terrible conditions, harassment and zero security. Things can be different, with a bit of luck and the right tactics. It can be as simple as finding the right legal protections to quote to employers, as confrontational as your friends shutting down the work place and as long term as unionising the whole company.  We are look at presenting this along side two or three other groups.

July Onward…
further planned workshops include Dealing with DebtThere is such a Things as a Free Lunch,  The Struggle for Housing,  Keeping your head in an Insane World, The Activist Toolkit, Survive the Dole, and Being our own Media.

Watch this space for details !


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