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Latest issue of 1831 is out now

Latest issue of Bristols anarchist news sheet;  info on the EDL,  an exclusive interview with a local MP about everything thats wrong with democracy and an international sports round up.

Download your copy here:

New Issue of 1831, Hotter than a coffee shop in Athens

The fifth edition of 1831 – Bristols radical news sheet.  This month looks at Work Fare, Vince Cable, Stephen Williams MP’s oppinions on squaters (spoiler: not a fan),  upcoming council cuts and pizza.

You can read it here (PDF)

1831 Issue 04 October 2011

Latest issue of Bristol AFed’s irregular news sheet 1831

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-Bristol Council’s Plans to close care homes and day-centres for elderly.
-Bristol Uni’s links to the arms trade
-Local nuclear plans
-and more!

1831 Issue 2 Out Now!

Check it out! Here’s the latest issue of our news sheet to read online. Hard copies are available around Bristol at social centres, autonomous spaces and events as well as from Bristol Anarchist Federation and Taunton Activist Collective.

We hope to get it out in more cafes and bars this time too.

* The June 30th Public Sector Strike
* Inside Apple’s factory
* Banksy at the Anarchist Bookfair
* Direct Action at Office Angels
* Fighting back against benefit cuts
* Wanker of the month award

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Proof Reading is Not a Crime

So after we hurridly printed out our first batch of the first issue of 1831 in time to send it off to the happy couple in London we had time to proof read it properly.
Along with a few spelling and grammar errors we saw a glaring mistake. Close to the end of the “We’re not fucking around” article we appear to claim that we take racial equality for granted.

Erm, What the hell?

Obviously we don’t have racial equality let alone take it for granted. We had basically wanted to explain that people have fought and died for an end to appartite and racial segragation as well as other governemnt legislation that has been introduced over a long (and ongoing) period of struggle. For word count reasons this was reduced to a term which was completely the wrong one to use.

The edit will me made to the pdf and the new batch we are printing.

Thanks and appologies for any offence caused,
Bristol Anarchist Federation.