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Bristol Police’s consent failure – and an alternative

front of leaflet

A failure to understand consent and rape culture is nothing new when it comes to police forces around the world. Even by these less than stellar standards handing out a pamphlet entitled ‘R U asking 4 it’ marks a low point. Especially when you consider the recipients were a group of Bristol teenagers attending an educational session on consent.

This was apparently the result of a ‘blunder’ on the part of the police, but it is telling none of the professionals handing the leaflets out realised anything was wrong. It was up to the teenagers present to point out how fucked up it was. Continue reading

The Tories Are Back in, Here Are Your Choices (Or: Ten Ways They Will Screw Us over and How We Can Fight Back)

Cameron remains in Downing Street, now with a majority (having successfully cannibalized his former LibDem partners). A lot of people are understandably depressed by this, and now to top it all off Farage hasn’t even resigned. FFS politics, give us a break.  We don’t have much say in what policies they try and force upon us – after all we had ‘Vote Tory for capitalism and austerity’ and ‘Vote Labour for the same, only a bit less and our heart isn’t really in it’. What we DO have a say in, is how we react to them.

Reaction One: Voter Apathy
11115600_691068424349519_1959285971672980873_nNon voters are often accused of apathy, but if after going to the ballot on the 7th you are planning to sit back and do nothing for five years than you are being truly apathetic. Of course the same is true if ‘not voting’ is the sum total of your protest against the system.  Maybe to kill time before the next general election you can try to change Labour from the inside, or help the Greens get half a dozen MPs early next decade. If you’re really inspired maybe you could put your energy into reforming how we vote for our ‘representatives’. Although many countries use other systems and they still aren’t socialist utopias yet either. Lets get one thing clear though, would Ed Milliband be screwing us over aswell? Hell yes.

Reaction Two: Fight for What We Have, Fight for What We Needreal change - 8 hour day
We are often presented a doctored version of history. One where the oppressed asked the government nicely for reforms, where they appealed to their ruler’s reason and conscience, or simply voted in nicer leaders.

A closer inspection reveals a very different narrative, where everything we have was fought for tooth and nail. Where workers faced down the army for the right to have the evening off rather than work 14 hour days, where women bombed pavilions and learnt martial arts before they were recognised as capable of decisions, where people faced down battalions of police who were trying to force a fascist march through the east end of London. It is the latter telling of history that should inform how we react today.

Everything we have we fought for, and everything we fought for they want back.  As soon as we stop fighting – in our work places, in our communities, in the streets and in the fields – we will lose everything. The good news? If you want to take action there are plenty ways to do it. Here are just a few based on some Tory policies.

1. The Tories will ruin the lives of disabled people ATOSNot without a fight from the likes of DPAC! Continue reading

Resistance: Angry Women Win

Reclaim The Night march oraganised by Bristol Unis Liberation Officer, Womens OFficer and FemSoc.

Reclaim The Night march organised by Bristol Unis Liberation Officer, Womens OFficer and FemSoc.

Issue 157 of Resistance, the paper of the UK Anarchist Federation is now available to download as a PDF.   This issue focuses on struggles against gender oppression; including sexual harassment at work, the fight for abortion in Ireland, a look back at the free women of Spain (mujeres libres), women in factory resistance in China, the voices of women & LGBTQIA in Ukraine, and the Angry Women of Liverpool!

We handed out about a hundred copies on the recent welcome return of the Reclaim The Night march in Bristol, which whilst we’re on the subject was fantastic. Great for us to march alongside so many enthusiastic people in the streets about such important issues as fighting against intimate partner violence and street harassment. Yet as several placards pointed out its sad to still have to protest this shit in 2014.  All of the speakers from Bristol University and beyond were excellent, we look forward to fighting patriarchy with many of the people we met on the night.  If you missed out on a physical copy then and would like to get your hands on one they are available from Kebele and Hydra Books.

Click to read as PDF

Click to read as PDF

WW1 Centenery – Some Anarchist Perspectives on War

The latest issue of our paper Resistance is a special edition focusing on war, its impacts, and the movements against it. Including Mutineers in the West Indian Regiment, the suffragettes who fought for and against war, remembrance as recruitment, and a look back at the Falklands.

We’ve already handed out hundreds of copies, but there are still some left (for free/donation) at both Hydra and Kebele. The whole paper is also available to download as a PDF here:


Download here

Resistance Bulletin

res152The June issue of Resistance (Anarchist Paper) is out now, we even have printed copies ready to hand out on the first of the month – and people tell us anarchists aren’t organised!

Includes updates on the struggle against the exploitation of Bangladeshi workers, Wildcat strikes in Brighton, Anti-Blacklist campaigners in Manchester and more.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a printed copy (free/donation) you can download the PDF here. We’ll also be handing some out at tomorrows Anti Bedroom Tax demo at 1pm on College Green.

If thats not enough news about working class resistance for ya, then take a look at the Bristolian.

The Great British Class Calculator

The BBC have recently released a ‘huge survey’ explaining there are now seven different classes, and have published a quiz so you can find out which class you belong to.

We would never suggest that the BBC doesn’t have clue about class analysis, that they focus far too much on social stereotypes instead of economic realities, or that this is part of a mainstream narrative going back decades that is damaging true class consciousness. We also wouldn’t want to suggest that these ideas mostly serve (deliberately or not) the interests of those like the Tories, who rely on us being divided and would prefer we see the working class as a demonized Shameless stereotype rather than something we proudly belong to.

However, despite not wanting to suggest any of that we do think we can come up with a better class calculator than they can. So here we present to you… Continue reading

Propaghanda for tomorrows action against workfare

Thanks to everyone wPic_0321_119ho came down to Kebele last night for a brief banner making session, heres the result in the form of some of the banners that will be out in the street tomorrow!

We’ve also put the finishing touches to the update of our earlier workfare leaflet, and it looks pretty damn good printed out (if we do say so ourselves). If you want an early look before they are out on the streets check it out here: combat workfare! Leaflet

As always we recommend you read up on your legal rights before a demonstration, the numbers on these bustcards won’t be used by us tomorrow but the legal info is excellent.  We don’t want trouble with the police but sometimes they seem to want trouble with us! There will be atleast one legal observer present to help keep them in line.

Final reminder on the details then: 2pm tomorrow, meeting at castle park bandstand and then heading into broadmead! facebook event is here.

We couldn’t resist

You may have noticed some dictator/marxist and anarchist valentines day greetings floating around (many courtesy of libcom).

We couldn’t resist doing some of our own so here they are…


more anarchy valentines

Its about the only thing we like about valentines day. Maybe we’ll just have pancake day again.

Xmas issue of the westcountry mutineer

Issue three of the south wests radical/anarcho/class struggle paper, the mutineer is here!

In This issue –

*Unseasonal Cheer!
* Gaza Palava!
* Healthcare Selloffs!
* Going Postal!
* Don’t Work Smart,Work Fare!
* Striking A Nerve!
* Prisons!
* Anarchy!
* Pirates!

Download yourself a copy on pdf

Drop them an email if you’d like to contribute to issue 4!