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Bristol AFed Lives on (but this site doesn’t)

A recent up tick in visits to this site has reminded us of the existence of this site!

Our online recording of our events, demos, thoughts and actions has always been a bit sporadic. Increasingly it has happened in the world of twitter or facebook (before we got kicked off facebook), rather than our own website.

We’re hoping to change that, but not here. Instead we’ll be using the main Anarchist Federation website. This has a few advantages, mostly that you won’t have to see adverts.

It does mean those of you who subscribed to the wordpress based email list over the years will no longer get updates, but you should receive a single GDRP compliant email asking if you’d like to move to a new email list, or never here from us again.

See you on the the web, see you on the streets!

Last Minute Demo Call Out Today (Monday)



AFed and Our Migrants Welcome Banner

Great to see so many thousands of people out in Bristol – and across the world – to stand up for migrants no matter their nationality. However whilst the border controls in the UK and EU may be less blunt than Trump’s, they are no less devastating.
No Borders is for life, not just for January.
Fight the anti-migrant regime wherever it shows itself, the rhetoric in the papers, the detention centres, the dawn raids, the ‘casual’ racism, and now our schools and hospitals.
No one is illegal!

Original Post:
Two demos today! 5pm @ College Green, demo against the latest round of devastating cuts in Bristol, a chance to spread the word and begin to mobilise for bigger demos during the run up to the full council meeting in a couple of weeks:

6pm @ College Green (conveniently) demo against Trump’s racist ban on travel to the US, and our own governments rather timid response to it.

Followed later by a meeting of the Bristol and District Anti Cuts Alliance who are organising opposition to the cuts that our Mayor intends to implement.

The assault on Aleppo

A Q&A from Leila Shami who we hosted in Bristol in 2013. Especially relevant for anyone that hasn’t been following what could be the final death blow to the Syrian Revolution & the Free Syrian Army, as implemented by Assad, Russia, Iran & possibly the YPG

Leila's blog

The questions for this interview were written by the authors of Syria: The Stolen Revolution.

2015-04-05-Graffiti-300x169 “We Will Not Leave The Trench Until The Night Is Gone” By the activists of Aleppo, photographed by Barry Abdulattif. Source: The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution

We are currently witnessing what looks like the crushing of anti-Assad rebellion forces. The Aleppo battle seems to be a turning point in Syria’s civil war before a general confrontation with ISIS occurs. In your opinion do rebel forces still shelter components of the revolutionary Syrian movement? Or are they nowadays reduced to sunni confessional militias, supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia?
Anti Assad rebels in north Aleppo are now facing a relentless assault by Russians from the air and an Iranian backed ground force comprised of various sectarian militias. This has transformed their struggle against a fascist regime into a national liberation struggle. The Russian…

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