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Don’t Follow Leaders Follow Us! (on Twitter)

That’s right people, we are tweeting it up with Steven Fry and Lady Gaga. We really are not down with the kids (…research shows teenagers prefer texting to tweeting).

Last weekend was so full on with lots of stuff happening, so figured we needed to get this news out there ASAP, so follow us @BristolAF  and never miss a demo, event, discussion, benefit gig, rant, arrest or police raid again.

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You Lucky Lucky People!

Proof Reading is Not a Crime

So after we hurridly printed out our first batch of the first issue of 1831 in time to send it off to the happy couple in London we had time to proof read it properly.
Along with a few spelling and grammar errors we saw a glaring mistake. Close to the end of the “We’re not fucking around” article we appear to claim that we take racial equality for granted.

Erm, What the hell?

Obviously we don’t have racial equality let alone take it for granted. We had basically wanted to explain that people have fought and died for an end to appartite and racial segragation as well as other governemnt legislation that has been introduced over a long (and ongoing) period of struggle. For word count reasons this was reduced to a term which was completely the wrong one to use.

The edit will me made to the pdf and the new batch we are printing.

Thanks and appologies for any offence caused,
Bristol Anarchist Federation.

What We’ve been up to: October-December 2010

A month late but never mind. We are aware we haven’t been posting on here much. That’s not to say we haven’t been doing anything. So here’s a brief report on the last quarter of 2010.

The last quarter has been very busy for Bristol AFed with the group both losing and gaining a fair number of members as we set our sights firmly on fighting the Governments Austerity measures.
We regularly have between 7 and 9 people at our meetings. We now meet fortnightly at a city centre location and also communicate via crabgrass (

In the last three months we have been to Birmingham for the Tory Party conference rally, the Anti Cuts Alliance march in Bristol, anti-cuts demos in Bath, Gloucester and London and attended all the Student demos in Bristol to date.
We have also been involved in organising actions against tax-dodging corporations in Bristol and have attended all the meetings of the Bristol Anti-cuts Alliance.

On top of this we have run some stalls, been involved in both Bristol University occupations, and brought food to the UWE occupation as well as co-hosting a skill share for the students on safety and legal rights on demos.

Our Anti-cuts campaign has branched out to communicate with other groups in Bristol as well as Bath and Hereford to share ideas and co-ordinate activities.

In total we raised £200 from two events and a donation for Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, of which we have spent around £100 on anti-cuts publicity and propaganda (£50), equipment (£35) and subsidising some travel costs (£15) – although our expenses policy has now been reviewed to hopefully cut this down.

In 2011 we hope to further expand our Anti Cuts Action campaign while linking in other activities and campaigns including the launch of our exciting new activist sports club beginning in mid January for which we are looking for assistance, equipment & ideas.

Bristol AFed

Don’t touch that dial!

The most recent installment of Radio Kebele, Bristol’s most radical radio station features an interview with AFed members Harry & Robert (Click here to listen).

They talk about recent anti-cuts demo and subsequent police riot, the anti cuts movement as a whole and anarchist tactics.

The session also includes music and interview with Dj Jota. The truth about the Freemantle Rd eviction. The lowdown on the anti-TGV campaign in the Basque country, and the ETA ceasefire / Spanish state non-ceasefire.
Plus Global Updates from Netherlands, Spain, Greece and France. as well as loads of local updates. Don’t waste time searching the internet for radical updates from around the world get it all here now then get out there and take to the streets.