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Public Meeting Oppose the EDL in Bristol

Map to find your way

First off, this is no front group. It’s a genuine attempt to get the radical communities in Bristol and the many other people who oppose racism/fascism in our city working together to confront the EDL.   We are cautiously optimistic about how it’s been going so far, all the meetings are open, and everyone is prioritising actively confronting the EDL over any thing else.  The group will in no way will work to prevent others acting autonomously.

If you consider yourself an antifascist or someone who wants to confront nationalist racist groups from marching through the streets of Bristol then come to the meeting. If you can’t make it tell like-minded friends, send a delegate from any groups your involved in, or try and make it to future meetings.

(The above picture was created by we are Bristol after the first meeting when UAF was the only group to have officially supported the initative, due to others having to report back to other meetings. It is now not the only group so we updated the picture, if anyone knows which other groups now officially support we are Bristol let us know).

Bristol 1st of May Group

Members of Bristol Anarchist Federation have been getting involved in Bristol 1st of May Group a loose group of anarchists, leftists and assorted trouble makers coming together make sure May Day doesn’t go unnoticed in Bristol! Check out the call out.

There are already events planned, and we are meeting again on Thursday (12th of April) 7.30pm, upstairs at the Stag & Hounds on oldmarket, more revolutionarys, rebels, workers, students and other members of the feral underclasses welcome!