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Dignity not Destitution

A few of us marched under an 'Organise, Resist & Win' Banner courtesy of our friends from BARF

A few of us marched under an ‘Organise, Resist & Win’ Banner courtesy of our friends from BARF

On Saturday Members of Bristol AFed marched along side Asylum Seekers and Migrant rights organisations demanding Dignity for Asylum Seekers and an end to the policies of forced destitution and criminalisation.

The March itself was a welcome break from the norm. Vibrant and full of colour with a great mix of people amongst the 300 or so that wound their way through the streets of St Pauls and Easton before heading around Broadmead. At about 3 hours it was quite the marathon but it was broken up as it stopped for speeches at several locations, and ended with a picnic and hot food & drink dished up in Castle Park. Continue reading

1831 Issue 2 Out Now!

Check it out! Here’s the latest issue of our news sheet to read online. Hard copies are available around Bristol at social centres, autonomous spaces and events as well as from Bristol Anarchist Federation and Taunton Activist Collective.

We hope to get it out in more cafes and bars this time too.

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