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Propaghanda for tomorrows action against workfare

Thanks to everyone wPic_0321_119ho came down to Kebele last night for a brief banner making session, heres the result in the form of some of the banners that will be out in the street tomorrow!

We’ve also put the finishing touches to the update of our earlier workfare leaflet, and it looks pretty damn good printed out (if we do say so ourselves). If you want an early look before they are out on the streets check it out here: combat workfare! Leaflet

As always we recommend you read up on your legal rights before a demonstration, the numbers on these bustcards won’t be used by us tomorrow but the legal info is excellent.  We don’t want trouble with the police but sometimes they seem to want trouble with us! There will be atleast one legal observer present to help keep them in line.

Final reminder on the details then: 2pm tomorrow, meeting at castle park bandstand and then heading into broadmead! facebook event is here.