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Why the government keep making cuts, and why we need to stop them

Protest against council cuts Nov 2016

Protest against council cuts Nov 2016

Austerity (or cuts as most of us think of it) is a hard pill to swallow. Services are closed or run into the ground with ‘efficiency savings’, jobs are lost, and benefits cut. Still, it’s a necessary cure right? Us ordinary folk can’t continue to have luxuries like care for the elderly. The state needs every penny to help pay off the national debt. You know, that one that got built up by bailing out the bankers. After all, those bankers need to maintain the bare necessities of life, like their multi-million pound salaries and private yachts.

Surely after six years it must be working? Well… Continue reading

Anarchy in Pontypool

Anarchist contingent (three on the right) who were amongst the 10 or so people who gathered to picket the Tuesday morning council meeting

Anarchist contingent (three on the right) who were amongst the 10 or so people who gathered to picket the Tuesday morning council meeting

During the excellent Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair we had a chance to meet up with Terry, a long time Anarchist Federation member who lives in Pontypool. He was busy organising a protest against cuts to local services planned by the County Council. We agreed to join him, before we realised it’d mean a 6am train to Pontypool & New Inn!

Not deterred (too much) by the early start a couple of us made it along last Tuesday to support Terry and others who were picketing the council meeting and distributing leaflets to councilors, council workers and passers-by.

We headed into the council chambers with an anticuts banner and anarchist flags. Later whilst being escorted out of the building we were asked how we’d managed to get these (apparently contraband) items inside, never under-estimate the power of confidently walking through the front door! Continue reading

Bristols Green Resistance: Details & how to get involved!

bannerInformation for anyone looking to attend, support, or learn more about the protest site protecting wildlife & agricultural land against the council’s Metrobus project. For background information and updates see our previous blog post.

We’d encourage everyone who wants to help protect Bristol’s green spaces, take a stand against the ridiculous expense of the metro bus scheme, or who is just curious about a protest site to come and visit or stay. The protesters are friendly and the site is open to families – there are quite a few kids running around.

Helping from afar
Spread the word – talk to your friends, and share this page. Check for updates on our blog,  the Bristol AFed Twitter, blue finger alliance twitter, and the blog posts from rising up.
Put the pressure on – you can sign the petition, or contact the council or your local councilor directly.
Donations – See below for useful items to send our way, you can also donate funds directly to the blue finger alliance via paypal.

Getting To The Site

Click for larger map

Click for larger map

Come to the entrance gate (see map) which should be Continue reading

Afternoon Tea – Come See The Sort Of Flat The Council Wants People To Live In

Gordons doctor is adament he should leave the house for health reasons

Gordons doctor is adament he should leave the house for health reasons

A friend of some Bristol AFed members is currently living in a flat that two enviromental health inspections have insisted needs urgent work done, that his doctor has said he needs to move out of for health reasons (which have already possibly cost him his eye), and which is infested with rats, mice, mold, exposed wiring and a collapsed ceiling. Continue reading

Latest issue of 1831 is out now

Latest issue of Bristols anarchist news sheet;  info on the EDL,  an exclusive interview with a local MP about everything thats wrong with democracy and an international sports round up.

Download your copy here:

Bristol AF Vs LibDem Cllr Woodman

February 28th was Bristol City Council’s Budget setting meeting and a couple of AFers went along to view the proceedings (sometimes the term “get a job” is apt :-/ ).

LibDem Councilor Alex Woodman was clearly as bored as we were with the bureaucracy and figures and was playing around on twitter, as was one of our members. The following coloured text is directly transcribed from the conversation that ensued after one of our members heckled the meeting. Continue reading

New Issue of 1831, Hotter than a coffee shop in Athens

The fifth edition of 1831 – Bristols radical news sheet.  This month looks at Work Fare, Vince Cable, Stephen Williams MP’s oppinions on squaters (spoiler: not a fan),  upcoming council cuts and pizza.

You can read it here (PDF)