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Demo Against Byron Burgers This Saturday

byron snitchesThe Byron Burgers chain called dozens of their London staff to a ‘health and safety’ briefing. Instead of facing a mundane meeting, immigration officers burst into the room detaining everyone present for hours, and deporting 35 people.

After the story broke in Spanish language newspaper El Iberico a number of groups and unions including Byron workers have called for action against Byron, with hundreds taking part across the country. These workers had been at Byron for up to 4 years, helping to earn millions in profits for the investment fund owners and their offshore companies. These same owners were quick to jump at the chance to throw them under the bus to save their own skins, ruining peoples lives to avoid a fine.

We need to stand together with ALL workers, no matter where they are from. This is how we improve the lives of ordinary people, by fighting back against the corporate owners who drive down wages, dodge taxes and rip us off daily.

Meet: Outside Bristol Museum 6.45pm on Saturday 6th
Demo: From 7pm outside Byron Burgers, 62 Queens Road on the Triangle Continue reading

EDL Bingo!

As many of you will know the English Defence League are planning to come to Bristol on the 21st of July EDIT: now moved to the 14th of July.  There has been a facebook event created for the counter mobilisation. Of course this  event was quickly filled up with wall posts from EDL supporters attempting to intimidate, wind up and generally troll those attending.

We initially contemplated joining the debate, or making posts of our own to wind up the EDL. However we realised it would be far more productive and far more fun to instead create a handy bingo card of the things the EDL say.  So here it is, the Bristol Anarchist Federation ‘EDL Troll Bingo Card’.

  • Help maintain your sanity whilst debating with the far right!
  • Score one over on the EDL without having to feed the trolls!
  • Compete with your friends, who can get their card filled first?
  • For one or more players. Download yours today!