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From a knife attack to free donuts, a range of reactions to the workfare demonstration

Last Saturday over 50 people gatherd in Broadmead for an anti-Workfare demonstration called by ourselves and Bristol Solidarity Federation. Aswell as friends from Bath Anarchists (BARF), the IWW and the Socalist Party there were plenty of new faces we hadn’t seen on previous demos.

dorothy perkins

First stop, Cabot Cirucs!

Before we had even set off our spirits were lifted by the news that Superdrug had already pulled out of workfare just before the demonstrations set to take place across the country, Result! The first stop on our tour of companies using forced labor under the workfare scheme was Dorothy Perkins in Cabot Circus. Its always good to reclaim spaces like Cabot that are technically no longer public but in the hands of private owners. The security were powerless to stop us due to our weight of numbers, and ability to resist their clever mind tricks such as saying ‘don’t you want to go that way instead?‘. Continue reading

UkUncut Action In Bristol Closes Starbucks

Today members of Bristol AFED, along with other anarchists, feminists, socialists and miscellaneous angry rebels shut down the central broadmead branch of Starbucks for the whole afternoon, before regrouping and doing the same thing in Park Street. The response we got from passers by was overwhelmingly positive with many people joining in (40 at the peak of the two hour demo).

picture of todays action by @ClaireViva

picture of todays action by @ClaireViva

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A resounding victory for student direct action!

As of two days a go, the UKs longest running occupation ‘the free hetherington’ ended with the occupiers claiming a major victory. Concessions won by the campaign include no compulsary redundencies for uni staff and no more cuts to courses! Check out their full post here.
It just goes to show even when victory seems impossible that by sticking together and refusing to back down we can achieve anything.