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Commuications blockade of Belarusian Embassy on FRIDAY

Groups within Belarus have called for actions in solidarity with political prisoners, including anarchists, to take place this weekend. The prisoners who are being held are being put under immense pressure to sign ‘pleas for mercy’ before their release, and have been subject to solitary confinement, denial of contact with family and had food parcels stopped.

This friday 21st (the embassy is shut on saturday) there will be a communications blockade of their UK embassy, we strongly urge you to contact the embassy and let them know your oppinion on the continued detention of the political activists:

Tel: 0207 937 3288
Fax: 0207 361 0005
E-mail: uk.london@mfa.gov.by

If you are in the London area, or can get yourself there, a demonstration is taking place outside the embassy on sunday.

Untill all are free!