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We couldn’t resist

You may have noticed some dictator/marxist and anarchist valentines day greetings floating around (many courtesy of libcom).

We couldn’t resist doing some of our own so here they are…


more anarchy valentines

Its about the only thing we like about valentines day. Maybe we’ll just have pancake day again.

Lessons From the Egyptian Insurrection: Communization, Strategy, and Solidarity

Interesting analysis of recent events in Egypt;

Provinces along the Suez Canal. Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, Ismaili, and Cairo have seen extensive clashes and the defiance of all curfews, with Port Said effectively seceding and military leaders warning of a state collapse. Within this fold, an explicitly revolutionary force has announced itself, calling itself Black Blocairo, Black Block Egypt, or simply the Black Bloc, pointing beyond the use of the black mask and violence as a tactic and towards a more organized and explicitly insurrectional position in North Africa.

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Members of the Black Bloc are seen during the protest in Tahrir Square in Cairo