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Bristol AF Vs LibDem Cllr Woodman

February 28th was Bristol City Council’s Budget setting meeting and a couple of AFers went along to view the proceedings (sometimes the term “get a job” is apt :-/ ).

LibDem Councilor Alex Woodman was clearly as bored as we were with the bureaucracy and figures and was playing around on twitter, as was one of our members. The following coloured text is directly transcribed from the conversation that ensued after one of our members heckled the meeting. Continue reading

Don’t Follow Leaders Follow Us! (on Twitter)

That’s right people, we are tweeting it up with Steven Fry and Lady Gaga. We really are not down with the kids (…research shows teenagers prefer texting to tweeting).

Last weekend was so full on with lots of stuff happening, so figured we needed to get this news out there ASAP, so follow us @BristolAF  and never miss a demo, event, discussion, benefit gig, rant, arrest or police raid again.

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You Lucky Lucky People!