Upcoming Anarchist Events

Bristol AFed hold discussion meetings at Hydra Books, at 7pm on the third Tuesday of every month. They are open to anyone whether you’re an anarchist or just take an interest in activism or politics. Usually they take the format of an interactive workshop or an introductory talk followed by open debate. Participation is encouraged but not mandatory if you prefer to listen!

We, and many others in Bristol, regularly hold Demonstrations, Actions, Workshops, Gigs, Talks from International Speakers, Film Nights, Socials…. there is a lot going on for anarchists and other rebellious folk in Bristol.

10405402_1381319465515902_6832434865957966585_nFor awhile we attempted to single handedly keep track of it all, but with the birth of Alt Bristol  we no longer have to!

Go to their site to look at local events and groups – and add your own to their calendar.  You can also look up events on the calendars for radical venues & groups Hydra Bookshop, The Cube Microplex, Kebele Social Centre, and Bristol Radical History.


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