Who We Are


Bristol Anarchist Federation (AFed) are an active group of class struggle Anarchists. We are working in shops, we are working in offices, we are unemployed, we are students.  We fight for a world without leaders, where power is shared equally amongst communities, and people are free to reach their full potential.  We do this by supporting resistance against the worst excesses of the state and big business, organising actions and demonstrations, hosting informative events and producing propaganda. You can read more about what we believe and what we do above.

Contact / Join
If you are interested in getting involved or joining AFed send us an email
You can also contact us via Twitter Facebook  Youtube and Google+.


Bristol AFed came together when a small group of anarchists, activists and cynical ne’er-do-wells met during the Bristol Co-Mutiny in 2009. We formed in the hope of filling the need for a national class struggle and solidarity group in Bristol which was  able to turn its hand to whatever was needed.

Since then we’ve been actively involved in local campaigns against spending cuts,  helped occupy two universities, demonstrated against companies who exploit people with disabilities, closed Vodafone more times than we can remember, joined about a dozen picket lines, got 200 Santa’s to run through Cabot Circus, started our own sports club,  and organised a benefit gig or three.

National & International Connections
Bristol AFed is part of the UK Anarchist Federation. The Anarchist Federation is a growing organisation of anarchist communists in England, Wales and Scotland which formed in 1986.  It is made up of individual members and local groups who are politically active in many workplace and community struggles.

The UK Anarchist Federation is affiliated to the International of Anarchist Federations, which has member federations in thirteen countries and connections with anarchist groups in many more. In 2012 some of us from Bristol went to the St Imier International Gathering in Switzerland, and met up with thousands of anarchists representing groups and networks from around the world.


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  4. Tony

    Does the Anarchist Federation believe, what I consider to be true Anarchy, the full and complete right to bear arms??


    • Bristol Anarchist Federation

      True anarchy is the abolishing of all un-justified hierarchy, to create a free & egalitarian world where we can reach our potential as both individuals and part of a collective whole.
      There is no god or state given right to bear arms, they are however a necessity during a revolution if we are to overthrow forces that will doubtless try and use them against us.
      It’s why most revolutions that get off the ground involve mass mutiny in the army.


  5. Tony

    I agree with such – that the people do NOT need federal, state or any government approval to exercise their means to self-preservation by using a firearm. Such is a natural and inherent right of the people. I was curious about your view of such, as I have begun to notice certain so-called Anarchist not being of that mindset…. Thanks for your reply.


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