If you’re not sure where to start we would recomend Work, Community, Politics, War and Introduction to Anarchist Communism.

Anarchism and the Anarchist Federation
Aspects of Anarchism
-Beyond Resistance
Introduction to Anarchist Communism
Role of the Revolutionary Organisation
Work, Community, Politics, War

Actions & Campaigns:
A basic guide to good publicity
A Consensus Handbook
Billboard Alteration
Direct action: A Handbook
Delia Smith’s Basic Blockading
Effective Communication
-Fighting Back – A Guide to Protests, Police & The Law by Bristol AFed (page order formated for printing)
Strategy for Projects and Campaigns
Street stalls and leafletting
Tips for planning actions

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution
The Anarchist Movement In Japan
Beating the Poll Tax
In the Tradition
The Origin of the Movement For Workers Councils in Germany
Workers Power & The Spanish Revolution

Against Nationalism
Anarchism and Violence
Basic Bakunin
Basic Kropotkin
On The Frontline – Anarchists At Work
Work And The Free Society

Note the Bristol Anarchist Federation does not necessarily agree 100% with all the content posted here, but belive it all to be interesting and useful. All the items are anti-copyright so feel free to copy and distribute them. Thanks to those who produced them (Mainly Seeds for Change and The UK Anarchist Federation).


    • Bristol Anarchist Federation

      Sadly there is no modern society free from the domination of the state and/or capitalism. There are some where the resistance is stronger (for example Kobane, Spain) but this strong resistance is coupled with either war or repression as the powers that be attempt to crush it. Therefore it would be hard to say it is something we desire for British society. There are historical examples that have more positive elements, although these too were all crushed by outside forces. It is part of the reason we believe a sucessful anarchist revolution must be trans-national rather than just in a single country:

      Free Terriroty of the Ukraine 1918-1921 The black army of Nestor Makhno united Ukrainian workers and peasants and sucessfully faught off the white army and the ‘communist’ red army for three years until the latter betrayed an aliance with Makhno’s forces and launched a surprise attack.

      Shinmin Autonomous Region 1929-1932 An anarchist communist society created among rural communities forming a Korean Anarchist Federation. They were eventually forced underground as they were fighting an impossible war against both the Chinese Soviet Army to the north and the Japanese Imperial Army to the south.

      Anarchist Spain 1936-1937 Perhaps the most well known anarchist society, formed when millions of anarchist workers and peasants rose up against Francos attempted fascist coup, and began collectivising their factories and farms. Was again deafeted by a war on two fronts, against Franco (aided by fascist italy and nazi germany) and the forces of the ‘communist’ party backed by Moscow.

      All of these examples included millions of people, and showed us that even under the hardest of circumstances anarchism can begin to flourish. However they also show us the extent to which existing state powers, be they fascist, ‘communist’ or capitalist will go to crush any thriving example of anarchism in action. We must learn from this and use the tools we have at our disposal to ensure resistance to capitalism and the state goes beyond borders and language barriers.


  1. nils

    Hi there, how can one join the anarchist federation? Do you have weekly meetings? I live near Bristol and would like to get involved in anarchist politics, please send me an email to:


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