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Statement on the SWP and its Rape Apologism

People may be aware of the allegations of a cover-up of sexual assault and rape within the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), and the subsequent repression of SWP members who questioned it. Anarchist Federation members and other comrades in Manchester and Glasgow were man-handled & attacked when they confronted SWP leaders over their rape apologism. The SWP has not spoken out against these assaults carried out by its supporters.

Bristol Anarchist Federation has always had strong political, theoretical and tactical disagreements with the Socialist Workers Party, however we have sometimes worked alongside them on broader campaigns. Continue reading

Turn It Up Against The EDL!


Download the Anti Racist Mix Tapre Here! – http://soundcloud.com/anne-ticutsaction/anti-racist-mix-tape

On July 14th 2012 the right wing EDL march through Bristol, thay have never tried it before and we plan to make sure they never try again. Get in the mood or load it on to your sound system and bring it down on the day.

Anti Fascist Punk, Hip Hop, Dub, Rap and Ska mix

Los Fastidos – Antifa Hooligans
Blaggers ITA – House of the Fascist Scum
Oi Polloi – Let the Boots do the talking
Across The Border – Alerta Antifascista
Talco – Bella Ciao
Asian Dub Foundation – Free Satpal Ram
Gegen Rechts – Antifa Rap
Irie Revoltes – Antifashcist
Moscow Death Brigade – Straight Outta Moscow
Stage Bottles – Sometimes Antisocial Allways Anti Fascist
Loikaemie – Good Night White Pride
Anti Flag – This Machine Kills Fascists
The Oppressed – Fuck Fascism
Dirty Revolution – I Love Reggae
Oi Polloi – Bash the Fash
Autonomads – Fight Dem Back
Wisdom In Chains – Nazi Head Stomp
Usual Suspects – Antifa
Angelic Upstarts – Anti-Nazi

Latest issue of 1831 is out now

Latest issue of Bristols anarchist news sheet;  info on the EDL,  an exclusive interview with a local MP about everything thats wrong with democracy and an international sports round up.

Download your copy here:

Public Meeting Oppose the EDL in Bristol

Map to find your way

First off, this is no front group. It’s a genuine attempt to get the radical communities in Bristol and the many other people who oppose racism/fascism in our city working together to confront the EDL.   We are cautiously optimistic about how it’s been going so far, all the meetings are open, and everyone is prioritising actively confronting the EDL over any thing else.  The group will in no way will work to prevent others acting autonomously.

If you consider yourself an antifascist or someone who wants to confront nationalist racist groups from marching through the streets of Bristol then come to the meeting. If you can’t make it tell like-minded friends, send a delegate from any groups your involved in, or try and make it to future meetings.

(The above picture was created by we are Bristol after the first meeting when UAF was the only group to have officially supported the initative, due to others having to report back to other meetings. It is now not the only group so we updated the picture, if anyone knows which other groups now officially support we are Bristol let us know).

EDL Bingo!

As many of you will know the English Defence League are planning to come to Bristol on the 21st of July EDIT: now moved to the 14th of July.  There has been a facebook event created for the counter mobilisation. Of course this  event was quickly filled up with wall posts from EDL supporters attempting to intimidate, wind up and generally troll those attending.

We initially contemplated joining the debate, or making posts of our own to wind up the EDL. However we realised it would be far more productive and far more fun to instead create a handy bingo card of the things the EDL say.  So here it is, the Bristol Anarchist Federation ‘EDL Troll Bingo Card’.

  • Help maintain your sanity whilst debating with the far right!
  • Score one over on the EDL without having to feed the trolls!
  • Compete with your friends, who can get their card filled first?
  • For one or more players. Download yours today!