What We Do


Resistance is central to what we do, resistance against all forms of oppression, discrimination and exploitation. We believe such resistance should not be carried out by a small ‘elite’ group on behalf of others, but should be part of a ‘culture of resistance’ that spreads throughout society, where those who are oppressed are confident and strong enough to fight for their freedom.  To this end we support and encourage the numerous acts of resistance that take place in our communities. From joining striking workers on their picket lines and helping people to organise against the closure of services they use, to supporting those who take to the streets to demand change.

We also look to spark resistance in new places, to take actions in solidarity with those struggling to survive here and overseas, to fight against sexism, and to hit back against the worst excesses of the government, capitalist corporations, and other organisations that damage and threaten our own freedom.  We carry out protests and direct actions, ranging from street theatre and leafleting to pickets and occupations.

The other core part of what we do, is the spreading of anarchist ideas. This doesn’t have to mean getting people to embrace everything about anarchism, or to become anarchists, it can be as simple as taking onboard anarchist theories and view points or starting to incorporate anarchist practice into their lives.

Producing and distributing pamphlets, newsletters and other materials is one of the more obvious examples of this, along with public events such as discussions, bookfairs and film showings ie. times when we tell people about anarchism. More important than this is showing people that anarchism is a vibrant and relevant philosophy, we do this by organising along anarchist lines and achieving victories, having an impact, and making another world seem possible. Better still is for people to experience anarchism directly themselves. Perhaps by going along to an anarchist run space, organising a campaign using anarchist influenced tactics or actively participating in an anarchist action.

This isn’t a one way street, we have as much to learn from our interactions with others as they do: anarchism is a living, breathing, philosophy that can take on new influences and evolve with new ways of thinking and acting.

You can see loads more photos in our Facebook Album, or read about more of our actions and events.

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