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Demo Against Byron Burgers This Saturday

byron snitchesThe Byron Burgers chain called dozens of their London staff to a ‘health and safety’ briefing. Instead of facing a mundane meeting, immigration officers burst into the room detaining everyone present for hours, and deporting 35 people.

After the story broke in Spanish language newspaper El Iberico a number of groups and unions including Byron workers have called for action against Byron, with hundreds taking part across the country. These workers had been at Byron for up to 4 years, helping to earn millions in profits for the investment fund owners and their offshore companies. These same owners were quick to jump at the chance to throw them under the bus to save their own skins, ruining peoples lives to avoid a fine.

We need to stand together with ALL workers, no matter where they are from. This is how we improve the lives of ordinary people, by fighting back against the corporate owners who drive down wages, dodge taxes and rip us off daily.

Meet: Outside Bristol Museum 6.45pm on Saturday 6th
Demo: From 7pm outside Byron Burgers, 62 Queens Road on the Triangle Continue reading

Solidarity from Bristol to Ferguson – Fight police repression everywhere

origional demoOn Saturday some Bristol AFed members and friends took the streets to express our Solidarity with the Ferguson, Mo.  Since their community rose up to protest the police murder of an unarmed teenager, Mike Brown and the racist harassment they have suffered for years,  they face near total repression at the hands of a militarised police force.  We came out to add our voice in solidarity, and to amplify their views and their voice.  The strength shown in resisting both the crack down and the attempts at pacification from politicians and self declared leaders has been inspiring. Continue reading

Taking a stand against Police Harassment

No Justice, No Peace, Erase the Police with your giant novelty stationary

No Justice, No Peace, Erase the Police with your giant novelty stationary

In recent months Avon and Somerset Police have drastically increased their attempts to harass and intimidate local activists. Using the excuse of a recent arson attack to launch a campaign against people they know had no involvement. This is part of a growing trend across the UK to clamp down on dissent and resistance.  In the South West activists have been questioned without rights under anti-terror laws, harassed over the phone, followed round their own uni campuses, been visited at home and had friends/family/employers contacted by the police.

Its time we took a stand, in the streets, and showed that we are in solidarity with each other and will not be intimidated into silence. It is a time we can remember ALL those who have been on the receiving end of police harassment and violence.

Join us for a candle lit demonstration outside Trinity Road Police Station. Continue reading

Stuff the Banks – Take Action This Saturday

Crowd outside a Starbucks that was shutdown during our last UK Uncut action

Crowd outside a Starbucks that was shutdown during our last UK Uncut action

Despite everything people have achieved throughout our history, society is more unequal now than it has ever been before.

Whilst hundreds of thousands of people in the UK rely on foodbanks, and millions around the world starve, the wealthiest millionaires (&billionaires) continue to accumalate yet more wealth – and mostly avoid giving any of it back as tax. The capitalist system is rigged, and if we don’t smash it soon it’s going to smash us.

We’re here to say we DO mind the gap between the richest and the rest of us, they are certainly not ‘in it together’ with us.

We will turn a branch of HSBC (notorious for their tax avoidance schemes) into a bank that serves the rest of us – a food bank.

Bring flags, placards, noise, friends and food to share (or if you can’t spare any just a hungry stomach – we’ll be bringing lots).

Meet up at Queen Square 1pm on Saturday, look for the flags & placards

See you in the banks!

UK Uncut Page
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Radical Block Marches in Solidarity with Bangladeshi Workers at Bristol May Day

biigBristol was awash with a sea of red & black flags today as anarchists, radicals and trade unionists took to the streets for May Day. Four hundred people descended on College Green for a march and rally organised by Bristol Trades Council to commemorate International Worker’s Day (May1st). A large Radical Block we called that was made up of members of Bristol Anarchist Federation, Solidarity Federation, IWW and other revolutionaries numbering around 50 were present from the beginning handing out leaflets about the true origin of May Day.

As the march began the Radical Block took position near the front of the procession. The demonstration snaked out of College Green and down Park Street towards the Fountains as chants rung out from the block. There were some old favourites in there as well as a few new ones including a variation of “Solidarity Forever” called “Aristocracy Forever”.

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Demo to defend NHS workers pay and conditions

The upcoming demo looks set to be many times larger than this already sizeable one back in may

spurred on by the condem government the management of NHS trusts across the south-west have spent £200,000 forming the Orwellian sounding ‘South West Pay Terms and Conditions Consortium’. with the sole aim of lowering pay and conditions for NHS staff.   This could be yet another blow to our NHS services already battered by cuts and privatisation, attacks on the staff will always negatively impact on the services they provide.

So far staff have been kept completely out of the loop, they haven’t been told who will be affected or in what ways, but many fear the management will attempt to split the workforce by targeting small groups one at a time.  However they plan on standing together and after some packed meetings (with 100s present at each) have called for a demonstration in Bristol to show their strength.

We encourage anyone who wants to stand up to the state, fight austerity and protect the NHS to march in solidarity with them. We’ll be there, hope to see you on the streets!

Saturday 1st of December 11am

College Green  marching to castle park (rally at 12.30).

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