Bristols Green Resistance: Details & how to get involved!

bannerInformation for anyone looking to attend, support, or learn more about the protest site protecting wildlife & agricultural land against the council’s Metrobus project. For background information and updates see our previous blog post.

We’d encourage everyone who wants to help protect Bristol’s green spaces, take a stand against the ridiculous expense of the metro bus scheme, or who is just curious about a protest site to come and visit or stay. The protesters are friendly and the site is open to families – there are quite a few kids running around.

Helping from afar
Spread the word – talk to your friends, and share this page. Check for updates on our blog,  the Bristol AFed Twitter, blue finger alliance twitter, and the blog posts from rising up.
Put the pressure on – you can sign the petition, or contact the council or your local councilor directly.
Donations – See below for useful items to send our way, you can also donate funds directly to the blue finger alliance via paypal.

Getting To The Site

Click for larger map

Click for larger map

Come to the entrance gate (see map) which should be manned and marked with signs for camp Rising Up. If you require a more accessible route, ask at the gate.
The Feed Bristol gate and back gate are not in use.

If driving use Frenchay Road BS16 1HB for your sat nav, please be considerate with where you park, space on the neighbouring streets is needed by the residents. There are lay-bys next to the treeline on Frenchay Rd (left and side if you are coming from the centre) if you are dropping someone off.

The Stoke Park and Frome Valley cycle routes run close to the site, or you can catch the following busses:
U3 to UWE
UW to Old Market
18 to Emerson Green
318, 319, 327 or 329
18 to Southmead
312 to Thornbury.

What You Can Do
welcomeThere is a wide variety of things being done on site, and plenty more that could be started,
Help setup more camp infrastructure,
Paint banners,
Build tree houses or barricades,
Support those liaising with the press,
Cook in the kitchen,
Play music & keep our spirits up,
Plan strategy,
Climb up a tree…
Or just come have a cup of tea and see what all the fuss is about. It can be a bit daunting when you first arrive on a site like this, but the folks on the gate should be able to point you in the right direction. If you find a group of people who look busy ask if they need a hand – or if they can point you in the direction of someone who could use your help.

What You Could Donate
Tarpaulin for structures, gazebos, camping/outdoor equipment, food, drink, good rope, large cable ties, head torches, firewood, toilet roll, duct tape and outdoor lamps could all come in handy. If possible check with people on site and ask!

Anything Else I should know?

Good advice on nearly any ocasion

Good advice on nearly any occasion

* Some areas are more accessible than others ask at the gate if you would like more info on this.
* Feed Bristol (Avon Wild Life Trust) is taking a neutral stance on the protest as they lease their land (and other sites) from the council, please don’t access the protest via their project.
* Visit for an hour or come stay on site – there are no time limits.
* Decisions and organising is dealt with at community meetings, at the moment these are taking place in the morning and the evening.
* The press have been told to check with people before filming them, so ask them (or get someone else to ask them) if they are pointing a camera at you and you’d rather they didn’t.
* There are also press free areas of the site (mainly where the kitchen is set up).
* The people present have collectively decided to not allow police on site, there is a dedicated team to liaise with the police if required, please do not talk to them yourself.
* Much of the site is rough terrain so wear decent footwear if possible, you’ll also want to wrap up warm!
* Some areas are roped/marked off with red flags, respect our neighbors and avoid these areas.
* There is plenty of space for the camp to expand if you’d like to come down for longer!

If we’ve missed anything just ask, we hope you take this opportunity to get involved in a protest camp and stand up for our green spaces. sustainable food, local wildlife and not wasting millions on a ill-fated transport project!

Warning: Pixies at work!

Warning: Pixies at work!


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