Prisoner Solidarity & International Tours

Upcoming events in Bristol…


Showing Solidarity with prisoners during Bristol ⒶBookfair

Prisoner solidarity is an essential part of any activism or revolutionary action. Prisons rarely, if ever, act as a deterrent to the crimes that can threaten our communities and they are downright counterproductive when its comes to ‘rehabilitation’ further oppressing and alienating people. Meanwhile the rich folks who start wars, exploit workers, destroy the environment or profit from our misery? Highly unlikely they’ll ever see the inside of a cell.

What Prisons do well is help to control the poor, marginalised, desperate, and anyone trying to take a stand and change society. The rate of this repression can vary immensely over time and place. When the state is feeling particularly vicious – or the resistance to it is looking particularly effective – you get widespread arrests and detention, such as Operation Pandora in Spain, and more recently Operation Phoenix in the Czech Republic.

Logo of Belarus ABC

Logo of Belarus ABC

It is the latter that is the subject of a solidarity tour and urgent appeal for assistance from Belarus ABC, who have taken the lean insupporting Czech activists. The Czech authorities have evicted squats and social centres, and arrested, searched or assaulted dozens of anarchists and leftwing activists, aswell as seizing the web servers of the Anarchist Federation and ABC.

It is hoped this tour can raise the profile of Eastern European anarchism and encourage much needed international solidarity with the movement. The tour will be coming to Bristol on Monday the 22nd of June at Kebele (Facebook, Alt-Bristol) where we are co-hosting it with our friends at Bristol ABC.

There are also events in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

This isn’t the only international tour coming to Kebele in the next few days. Evan Greer & Tiana Asili are bringing their radical queer Break the Chains Tour to Kebele on Friday (Facebook, Alt-Bristol) with Efa Supertramp and BeyondTheStatic providing support for a night of AfroLatin, Acoustic, Reggae and Riot Folk. Not in Bristol? take a look at the other tour dates!

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