Trump: Symptom, Problem or Distraction? – Discussion night next Tuesday @ Hydra

After a month off for the recent demo against council cuts, our discussion nights are back!

Trump’s election, and his actions since, have seen a massive wave of protest and action across the US to combat his destructive policies.

Many have echoed these protests in the UK and elsewhere, with thousands coming to the streets (some for the first time). However, other than voicing our somewhat vague displeasure, what purpose does this series of protests serve?

Can it be moulded into effective trans-Atlantic solidarity? Serve as a warning to those looking to import Trump-style politics to Europe? More importantly, can it have an impact on the abhorrent racism, misogyny and anti-working class actions of politicians much closer to home?

After all, we may pour scorn on (or laugh at) Trump’s plans to build a ridiculous and expensive wall across his country’s southern border… but our country ALREADY HAS SUCH A WALLit was built in Calais by the Tories. It forms just a small part of our brutal border regime, along with other structures on the French coast, immigration detention centres across the UK, border enforcement officers and more insidious schemes.

Join us at Hydra Books, 34 Old Market, BS2 0EZ
7pm – 9pm on Tuesday 21st March.

trump for the anarchists

As always, this event is free to attend, but donations to help cover room hire are appreciated. Hot and cold drinks and snacks will be available from the Hydra counter to keep you going. We’ll also have some anarchist pamphlets, papers, magazines and stickers, some for free/donation and others for a few quid. Keep an eye out for future events, our discussion nights are every third Tuesday of the month, 7pm at Hydra Books.

Please remember that whilst we encourage debate of ideas, we do not tolerate attacks on individuals, especially in a way that uses oppressive or threatening behaviour. We fully support and will implement the safer spaces policy of the venue, which you can read here:


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