A look back at AFem2014

Originally posted on Glasgow Anarchist Federation:

Sunday the 19th of October seen the first International Anarcha-Feminist Conference, aka AFem2014. The seed from which it would eventually grow fell from the tree back in August of 2012. That tree was the St Imier International Congress anarcha-feminist round table. This was series of meetings that took  place on each of the five days of that event. In the closing session it’s participants announced their plans to host an anarcha-feminist congress of their own within several years. This was met by thunderous applause from the congress floor. Busily contacts were exchanged, interested parties came forward, and a group agreed to take lead on the project.

Then nothing.

Months passed.

The Anarchist Federation started to get occasional contacts asking if we knew of any organising on the Anarcha-Feminist Congress. Our international secretaries put out inquiries thought our sibling federations in IFA as well as any other contacts in the global…

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Sacrafice Sleep, Outdo Shooters, Save Badgers

Badger Patrol in Somerset

As of  midday on Monday the 20th of October the second year of  trial badger culls is over.  With the lack of an independent panel overseeing this years cull its hard to find out how much of a failure it really was. However the results so far are pretty damning, in Gloucester the number of badgers killed was less than half the minimum target of 615 and nowhere near the maximum of 1,091.  In Somerset the number killed was just inside the 315-785 range, a range that was set deliberately low.

Thirteen hundred badgers in Gloucester  and Somerset that would have been dead in a ‘successful’ cull are currently alive and well.  The reason for this is not hard to work out. Every single night people from across the west country (often accompanied by friends from further afield) were out in the cull zones. Bristol AFed members were out each week, spending our nights in the dark fields and forests of the zones in all weathers, mag lights and radios in hand. We accompanied seasoned animal rights activists, Continue reading

Urgent call for solidarity with Turkish Anarchists aiding Kurds at the border with Kobanê

Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (Revolutionary Anarchist Action) near Kobanê

Kurdish resistance fighters, including many who speak of their commitment to an anarchist inspired social revolution, continue to battle repressive Daesh (ISIS/IS) forces around Kobanê. The optimistic would imagine that the role of the neighbouring Turkish state (a member of the US led coalition against Daesh) would involve opening its nearby border to feeling civilians, aiding those refugees who have already crossed, providing humanitarian assistance to the besieged town, or even actively supporting the resistance.  The reality could not be more different.

Turkish state forces have attempted to seal off the border to both those fleeing out of Kobanê and those attempting to bring aid and supplies in to the town (suspiciously those arming Daesh forces have been slipping through relatively un-harrassed), The Turkish army have also attacked Kurdish refugees Continue reading

Report from Bristols Latest Act of Resistance to Workfare

Click here to read our 'workfare FAQ' leaflet from the day

Click here to read our ‘workfare FAQ’ leaflet from the day

On Saturday Bristol AFed members were joined by other local activists for  a picket of notorious workfare scheme users poundland.  This was one of many nationwide actions this week in response to a call from boycott workfare, including an awesome occupation of Urban Futures in London, and the shutting down of Learn Direct in Edinburgh.

Our action was a little less confrontational (this time!), as we took the oppurtunity that protests in our local communities give us to engage in longer and more meaningful conversations with people living, working and shopping in (in this case) Bedminster. Over two hours we handed out around 300 leaflets to almost universal support, and only one spotted dropped on the floor. Continue reading

Some Very Busy Anarchists : Upcoming Events in Bristol

calendarThere is loads going on in Bristol over the next couple of months of interest to anarchists and other radicals. So much infact that we were having trouble keeping track of it all, especially with the sad end of Bristol Indymedia.

Anti Workfare action, quiz nights, a season of WWI events from Bristol Radical History, Reclaim the Night, discussions from Men Against Patriarchy and the Dangerous Thoughts Collective, a talk from author Peter Gelderloos, Kebele cafes, Solidarity Network meetings and a weekend away in London for the Bookfair and Anarcha Feminist Conference.

It was getting so much that we’ve decided to create and update an online calendar to keep track of it all. Head on over to our new events tab to look through it, or subscribe via ICal or XML.

Get in touch if you would like an event added, we hope this can become a comprehensive list of protests, actions, talks, discussions and other anarchist evens.  See you on the streets, in this cafes, at the bookshops…

Solidarity from Bristol to Ferguson – Fight police repression everywhere

origional demoOn Saturday some Bristol AFed members and friends took the streets to express our Solidarity with the Ferguson, Mo.  Since their community rose up to protest the police murder of an unarmed teenager, Mike Brown and the racist harassment they have suffered for years,  they have face near total repression at the hands of a militarised police force.  We came out to add our voice in solidarity, and to amplify their views and their voice.  The strength shown in resisting both the crack down and the attempts at pacification from politicians and self declared leaders has been inspiring. Continue reading

Solidarity with Michael Brown – Demonstration This Saturday (23rd)

Against Police Repression, Against Institutional Racism, Solidarity with Ferguson Missouri!

10628157_10153035388281102_1757015198469058429_n On August 9th an unarmed teenager was shot six times and murderd by a police officer, once again bringing in to stark relief the danger police pose to the public and the indemic racism of police forces across the western world.

The respsonse of the authorities was swift and harsh. Hundreds of police have swarmed the majority black community, assualting residents, mass arresting peaceful demonstratos, forcing journalists and Amnesty International human rights observers out, Continue reading